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20% Off - Non Compete Agreement Forms Discount Coupon Code

20% Off - Non Compete Agreement Forms Discount Coupon Code

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Get a Non Compete Agreement for your Business!

  • Covers all non-compete - this is not just a clause.
  • Includes broad coverage without "over-reaching."
  • Written and used by top employment lawyers.
  • Completely customizable in any word processor.
  • FREE Confidentiality Agreement Template - a $9.95 value

Non Compete Agreements can protect your business.

In today's business environment, losing an employee to a competitor can also mean the loss of trade secrets.

More and more employers are now mitigating this risk by asking their employees to sign non-compete agreement forms, which limit their damage and protects confidential information.

Putting a non compete agreement in place will help you:

- Prevent an employee from divulging your trade secrets to a competitor;

- Lessen the chance that an employee opens up a competing business; 

- Send a signal to your employees that you are serious about your intellectual property. 

Whether you are hiring for the first time, or already have employees that have never signed a non-compete agreement, it is never too late to get one on record.

Until now, finding a dedicated non compete agreement was difficult.

It can be difficult to find the "right" non-compete agreement form.  Many documents only include a non-compete clause amid a wider confidentiality agreement (when really, you should have both). Others are too one-sided in favor of the employer; over-reaching on length and geography, which may lead to unwanted scrutiny and dismissal later on.

Our non compete agreement form gives you an easy way to set the length and geographic limits while still providing broad coverage.  It also works with any word processor, including Microsoft Word (PC or Mac), so that customizing and printing your non compete agreement is as easy as possible.  
That means you can add any section you want, edit any of our sections or delete anything that does not apply to you.

Our Non Compete Agreement Form is thorough

Our well-written non-compete agreement form contains all of the key sections you need:

Covenant Not to Compete
 Provides the length of time during which an employee cannot compete.  This should not exceed two years, but should include the time that the employee is with the Company.  It also outlines what roles are considered to be competitive, including employee, officer, salesperson, affiliate, co-owners, partner, etc.  Finally, it specifies what business is considered "directly competitive", an important paragraph that demonstrates you are not out to take away an employee's livelihood - only to prevent the loss of your trade secrets.

Limited Geographic Scope
Specifies the geographic area under which the non-compete agreement applies (with varying levels of protection by the size of the geographic area).

Violation of Agreement
States the consequences for non-compliance with the non-compete agreement, including discharge and the right to recover monetary damages.

Everything else you need to make it legal, including sections on assignments, governing law and jurisdiction, waivers, sever ability, notices and many others.

A final summation before the signature page that highlights the benefits the employee will receive for signing the agreement (which is employment at the Company) and asks the employee to confirm that the non compete agreement terms are not unreasonable and will not put the employee under undue hardship.  

Don't let another day go by without this Non Compete Agreement Form!

You can start handing out non-compete agreements today by buying our Non-Compete Agreement form for only $9.95. Compare this to hiring an attorney, which can cost upwards of $1,000 to draft the same agreement!

SPECIAL BONUS: FREE Confidentiality Agreement

Plus, for a limited time, we are offering a special bonus for all Non Compete Agreement Form buyers. We'll include a FREE Confidentiality Agreement, a perfect complement to our non-compete agreement form and a value of $9.95.

Bonus Confidentiality Agreement ($9.95 value)

Extend your Non Compete Agreement with our detailed confidentiality agreement. Our template includes sections on:

- Confidential Information

- Term & Other Information

- Governing Law & Equitable Relief

- Final Agreement

All of this for only $9.95!

With all of the great benefits of our Non Compete Agreement Form and free Confidentiality Agreement, there's no reason not to buy our complete package today. So order now - and get all the protection a non-compete agreement offers you!

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