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50% Off - Pad Submit Worker Discount Coupon Code

50% Off - Pad Submit Worker Discount Coupon Code

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System Requirements:
Platforms: Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), Windows 2000, Windows XP (XP Service Pack 1 or higher), Vista, or Windows 7
RAM: 128 MB
Disk Space: 20 MB Hard drive space
Operating privilege: Logged on as administrator
Fullsize: 2.82 MB

No idea how to create a standard PAD file for your software? Find manual software submission so troublesome and ineffective? Want to facilitate the PAD submission process and improve submission success rate? Using PAD Submit Worker, you can easily solve all these problems. It is a top PAD Submitter which can instantly generate and submit PAD file with high success rate. Input required information, click on several buttons, and then your software would be automatically submitted to around 1,000 software download sites in 20 minutes!

Here are the Highlights PAD Submit Worker owns:

Automatically submit PAD files to around 1,000 sites in 20 minutes. You need to do nothing except for clicking and waiting for the submission results to come out.

Keep the database of download sites up-to-date in order to enlarge the number of available download sites and increase the success rate of software submission.

Quickly select the software category on download sites according to the keywords youve set, and intelligently filter the failed download sites and re-submit.

You do not have to input the passwords time and again, this PAD submitter is able to automatically identify most CAPTCHA codes with the accuracy rate reaching as high as 95%.

Safely manage your accounts and passwords for download sites if needed.
Be capable of displaying complete and detailed submission report on each download site once it finishes the task.
Provide advanced PAD submission mode for experienced users to customize submission settings.
Instantly generate PAD files in standard form and employ the build-in FTP client to upload the newest PAD files to your website server.

Main Features:

You can enjoy the following features and benefits from PAD Submit Worker:
Automatically submit PAD files to more than 1000 sites within hours. Nothing you should do, only to see the results.
Daily update the download websites database; if there are new links, PAD Submit Worker will automatically update the database to be the newest.
Intelligently track of the newest product listings; if there are broken links, PAD Submit Worker will notice you.
CAPTCHA processing; you do not have to input the passwords time and again. Let it handle by PAD Submit Worker.
Manage well of your account and password.
Submit a completion report as soon as it finishes the task.
Advanced submission mode for experienced users and have personalized settings by themselves.
Dynamic PAD support and built-in template editor and SMTP Client.
Instantly gain a massive amount of exposure for more free traffic and improved search engine results.
Help Rise to the top of the ranking and stay there for the long-run.
Generate a consistent passive automated income each month.

PAD Submit Worker is a software application intended to submit PAD file of your software products to Download Sites and other on-line resources. It is oriented towards professional shareware vendors and is made with the following goals in mind:

    Minimize the chances of being banned by the Download Sites for breaking their posting rules or for creating duplicate accounts/listings.
    Achieve the maximum possible number of publications.
    Provide accurate info about your product to the download sites.
    Vastly increase traffic of your site and improve its ranking on search engines.

What is a PAD file?
Standing for Portable Application Description, PAD is a file that helps software writers give product descriptions and related information (including - system requirements, price, contact info, file names, download URLs and more) to online sources in a consistent manner and uses a standard database structure.
PAD file is clear and easy way that permits webmasters and program librarians to improve the speed of their submission processing and listings generation.
The advantage of using a PAD file is that it enables you to store all the descriptions and specifications in one single place, saving your time and money.
Another great thing about PAD files is that they're so easy to create - and that it doesn't cost you anything! PAD Submit Worker allows you to create and modify your PAD files easily, which provides more functions to make life easier for software authors.

Back Link Introduction
A backlink is a link from your web site to the web site of the provider. Some providers require such links in order to accept submissions. Normally the backlink page is located on the product info page that you have defined in the pad file. It can help to increase the ranking of your page on search engines and bring more visitors and users.

To use PAD Submit Worker proficiently, the following is hinted:
    Familiarity with Microsoft Windows
    Consulting our handbook
    Performing based on the system requirements

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